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5 Responses to “Wandro.net Survey”

  1. i vote for all of the above for sure! Except maybe the blank page. Although maybe that could work – it could be paying homage to mom’s empty frames or something.

  2. I think Dad should post funny jokes.

  3. I vote the same as Juliet……

    Now there was this guy who came to town that couldn’t see because someone had poked both his eyes out. It was something from the bible about an eye for an eye. So when he sat down to eat he didn’t realize that they had switched his hamburger with jello…..

    Also, we should be able to vote for more than just two.

  4. So the guy’s brother came to town, and promptly sued the city for building the sidewalk too close to his bottom. He bumped it every time he stepped off the curb.

  5. Well, after seeing Jack’s Jokes, I definitely have to vote for number 2.

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